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What is immunity

Immunity is the complex, dynamic, biological system multicellular organisms (including us) use for protection from harmful microorganisms such as viruses, parasites and more. This vast network of cells, organs, proteins, and specific tissues detect and defend us from harmful pathogens. Did you know that our immune system also has the ability to adapt to biological challenges and generate pathogen specific immunity?

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How is my immunity?

Over the past year the “buzz” surrounding immune performance has gotten louder. Question is can we improve our immune performance? Studies show that immune performance can be developed to better your health. The fact is, immune health and general well being go hand in hand. The checklist for ensuring immune health reflects that for better health starts with eating well, keeping active and getting plenty of rest.

Warning Signs for Compromised Immune Performance……

There are several indicators of poor immune performance. We’re all exposed to the germs that cause cold and flu. When it feels like your immune system is slow to react and recover and each bout of illness appears to transition right into another, you need to act. Getting sick while suffering from stress, digestive irregularities, slow wound healing, and chronic fatigue rank among the warning signs.

Take action!

In addition to a healthy, active lifestyle, there are many natural approaches to immune system maintenance. Supplementation with natural products can boost the immune response in acute situations. Nobody is immune to occasionally getting sick; however, you can reduce the number of times and the length of time you feel “under the weather”. Scroll on to learn how you can make life better with improved immunity.

Build Immunity

Knowledge is power, learning more about immunity when you’re well is the first step to building better immunity. Consulting a health care practitioner or a visit in person or online to your local health food store can open the door to new ways to improve your immunity.

The Power of Supplements

Supplements from biologically active forms of vitamins and minerals to botanicals contribute to a strong immune system. Some supplements to consider are elderberry, astragalus, quercetin, echinacea, probiotics, medical mushrooms and more! The benefit of a natural approach is twofold; your immune system gets the boost it needs, and many of these supplements awaken and support your body’s own defence mechanisms.

The Usual Suspects

Washing your hands, using face masks to curb aerosol transmission and avoiding large gatherings all help reduce viral transmission. Consider a virus like a bakers’ yeast in your refrigerator door, it remains lifeless until given the right conditions for growth. When you limit viral exposure to vulnerable cells within your body, your likelihood of infection and transmission to others drops drastically.

When You Need That Extra Hand

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